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Welcome to The Flourished Letter


I started calligraphy back in 2020 when I picked up a book, a nib and some ink and self-taught the skills I needed to create beautiful letters. I was looking for a new hobby that would be flexible around family life and not take up much space, ha ha! It’s now surprising how much calligraphy equipment now takes up my house! However, saying that, as soon as I started I was hooked. I found exercises mindful and being a creative person, it gave me an outlet that I could fit around motherhood and working a stressful job.


That’s the great thing about calligraphy, you can literally do it anywhere, add calligraphy to anything and you don’t need much to get started…. Just a pencil and paper if you fancy… but a pen or nib and ink do help to practice the basics. I did some courses to build on my skills and broaden my style and I now own a range of pens to write in a range of styles on pretty much any surface you like. I wish I found calligraphy sooner… its my only regret!

One reason I found calligraphy was for me was being able to fit it round being a mum. This was so important for me as I have 2 children who are gorgeous and funny (and just a bit sassy at times), but it also allows me to have a creative outlet and gives me a way to be me. When I am not doing calligraphy or ‘business stuff’ you’ll find me enjoying nature or the garden with my husband and children. I have a weakness for a hot chocolate or mint tea with a chocolate treat.


A restructure of staff and locations at work finally gave me the push I needed to get The Flourished Letter off the ground and start creating and selling. So here I am and I couldn’t be more excited to be here! The Flourished Letter is a small creative business, offering custom and semi-custom wedding stationery for your special day, along with personalised Christmas decorations and homeware handmade with love, from my kitchen table in Buckinghamshire. My mission is to make words look like beautiful art pieces that you can treasure.


When I started calligraphy as a hobby I underestimated how a personalisation can make magical memories and even turn simple gifts into lasting heirlooms. I use tools for modern calligraphy including nibs, brush pens and specialist pens for ‘faux’ calligraphy on almost any material.


All thats left is for me to say thank you for finding your way to my little corner of the creative world. I am here to guide you through your creative purchase, be that wedding stationery, a bespoke calligraphy piece or something gifty from my shop. Isn’t it amazing that just seeing a few words on a page sparks excitement for the event?! While at the same time it could be seen as a keepsake because of its calligraphy, which makes your investment even more worthwhile.


Please take a look around my site for some inspiration and get in touch if you’d like me to work with you to create your own special items, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

I look forward to working with you soon.



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