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Log slice decoration

Log slice decoration

These log slices come in a range of shimmery or glittery background colours, which can be personalised with a seasonal word, phrase or name for a decoration for your tree or gift for a loved one. 


Put your name or word in the space provided and select the colour of writing and background. Your bauble will be hand calligraphed with either black, silver or gold ink on a white background.

Example wordings: Joy, Peace, Bah Humbug, Sally, First Christmas 2023, New Home 2023, Teddy 10.10.2023...


Please note the natural wood option does not have a background colour it is the natural wood finish, the best ink to show up on this background is black.


Please note the paint is just on the front of the bauble, the back is left natural. These log slices are natural so will come in a range of shapes and sizes, approximately 8cm, however sizes will vary and will be selected at random. 

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    Background colour
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